February 10th, 2009

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merlinfic: privileges of rank

Title: Privileges of Rank
Author: Seperis
Codes: Merlin, Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None specific, first season in general.
Summary: Arthur's biggest problem to date, Merlin thinks darkly as he carries yet another load of suspiciously not-really-dirty clothing down the stairs, is an unaccountable fear of anyone, anywhere, suspecting he's capable of being other than a complete and utter prat.
Author Notes: Thank you to chopchica for audiencing and encouragement, which is always pleasing. For a pwp that lacks even the rudiments of shame, this turned out rather long. I think Merlin is my voice of porn, or something. No clue what is up with that.

Icon courtesy of unamaga, who is awesome in all ways.

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ETA: Bonus porn from shinetheway here. Several of them. Marvellous.
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merlin recs, the continuing adventures

Slowly but surely, I am clearing my rec this damn thing list.

And In His Hands, A Weapon by laceymcbain - okay, the thing is, Merlin is doing to me what QaF did. I have no freaking clue how to define gen and slash, and a very real part of me wants to break them all down to "They are not fucking yet" and "They are totally doing it". We'll say gen option one and go with that. That said.

I love this fic. It has an evil sorceress, and Merlin being very brave and Arthur being very awesome, and they're adorable and sometimes, you just look at them and think, they are the stuff of legend and kinda feel afraid and yet warm. It's like proof that that idiotic guy in freshman English who joined a frat and lived on nachos and the guy you know exists outside chem class but can't prove it really do learn to interact with other people and then save the world. Or fake it extraordinarily well. My love for this fic is pure and involves puppies and rainbows. Also, Arthur is fighting with a sword. If you are not aware the fastest way to gain my attention is Arthur earnestly trying to kill things, you have not been reading here long.

(See Sheppard, John, with gun. I rest my case.)

I'll Be the Platform Shoes by raphaela667 - Modern Political AU - I have no way to articulate that this story charms me into re-reading it pretty much three times a week. It's just incredibly adorable. It's adorable in ways that haven't been invented until now. This is my comfort fic.

Aftermath by shinetheway - a wonderfully sweet, wonderfully wistful look at Arthur after Valiant, and Merlin being incredibly, awesomely Merlin. There is a lot of Totally Platonic Really touching. There is oil. I--you see why the word 'gen' just really no longer applies?