February 5th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

bathrooms as a metaphor for life

So my original intent for yesterday was to come home and indulge myself in lots and lots of magical porn.

(It just occurred to me yesterday that indeed, this is the fandom that the Magical Healing Penis could in fact be a perfectly legitimate trope. I leave you all to mull this appropriately. And by that, I mean, people. Magical Healing Penis. Write that shit already.)

(Also where we can say "Dragons made them do it" and be totally canon-compliant.)

However. That did not happen. As around five-thirty, while looking happily at dinner, Child came to tell me that the bathroom is under two inches (two inches. TWO INCHES) of water with no end in sight.

I don't know how long it takes to turn one's bathroom into a shallow pond. But the toilet was doing its best to see that it become a lake. After an epic war with the shut-off thingie, there was two inches (Two. Fucking. Inches.) of water on my floor and we wo'nt discuss what happened to my boots because I will cry. Also, to the carpet outside both doors of the bathroom and into my bedroom.

So after embracing the wet-dry vac (that was--scary. Gallons of water people. Gallons), I came to two conclusions.

1.) Internal plumbing is evil.

2.) I really need a nap.

3.) That carpet better not mildew before I can finish getting it dry.

4.) Oh God, my boots. My boots. Never will I ever leave boots anywhere but a high shelf safe from the random possibility of flooding.

(WTF? How the hell was I supposed to anticipate random flooding of bathroom?)

In any event, life hard, wish for cookie, hate universe.

But. This made it better.

In Omne Tempus by giddygeek - Morgana/Gwen. Beautiful and bittersweet view of Camelot through its women and Morgana's place as untitled queen.