January 5th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

firefox 3.05

Hmm. Having Firefox 2.whatever I was using start giving me lots of javascript and scroll errors, updated to 3.0.5. Let me thank the programming gods for whoever updated delicious, nosquint, and permanent links to make my life livable. That was like, five seconds of outright panic!

Anyone having any problems I wouldn't have thought of yet? I lost LJ Hook, but since I'm not sure what it did, I haven't noticed anything yet. Though it must have done something.
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children of dune - leto 1

day six and seven of the wiiiiiiness

I skipped two days of Wii-ing and started again last night and again this evening. And was glad!

See, now I'm not, because three hours ago, I didn't hurt this much.

I blame the boxing thing.

Trufax: I never really had a personal understanding of the appeal of boxing. I just didn't.

Having said that, now I do. Sure, it's Wii-boxing where I am hitting air, but there are happy sound effects of hitting things and that's inspirational like whoa. This is probably why I didn't realize overdoing things hurts because it unlocked advanced yesterday and I was very excited. And my shoulders and arms and neck are asking me why I hate them. Though the turning-the-head neck pain has been a thing for a couple of weeks, because for some reason, I am falling asleep at really bad angles these days. No clue what's up with that.

Hurt. Ouch.

Wii Saturday: 1 hour, 8 minutes
Wii Sunday: 55 minutes
Lost: .7 lbs.

Status: ouch.

Doing this cancels out M&Ms, right? Right.