January 3rd, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

so this is 2009

Okay, this is ridiculous. I have been trying to talk myself into seeing SGA's Vegas and I. Cannot. Do. It. Somehow, I always go back and watch Chuck try to pass on an antibody for the killer flu by making out with Casey to soothe myself.

...well, I mean, not that it's a hardship or anything, but still.

I can't tell if its the reviews that are freaking me out or the end of the show or what. I just know that no matter how many times I go to the ep, I end up somewhere entirely different.

2008 Resolutions

2008 Resolution for tracking my reading is pretty much fulfilled. I'm going back now to make sure I logged everything, since there's some fic I know I missed that I need to find and add, along with adjustments to earlier months for fic I had in the wrong del.icio.us account, but I finished tagging the last two months worth and adding in year, since what the hell, lets see how 2009 does for reading. My statistics are horrific for feedback. However, there were some interesting patterns, since what I had thought about how I read and what I read doesn't seem to be verified by what actually showed up there. Of course, I also got obsessed with four extra fandoms this year, which may explain the spread.

I need to check the rest and see how many I finished.

Works in Progress

September through December were weird. I wrote a lot, but it wasn't until the last of December that I noticed I hadn't posted much for a while. Part of it was that a few have endings that aren't--quite what I want, so I'm sitting on them. One dS was finished but I need to add a lot of backstory and that's taking time, since I originally wrote and finished it in a three day sitting in a blaze of inspiration and going back, I keep tripping over wondering if I was high during certain parts.

Currently, these are finished/mostly finished/still editing:

1.) Untitled, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, 41,000 words. I wrote it, finished it, Madelyn read it and said I was missing an entire middle. So I went back and started that and--well. There you have it.
2.) Rules of Attraction, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney, 55,000 words being re-edited.
3.) Untitled, Due South, Fraser/Kowalski/Victoria, 6,000 words. It--makes no sense. What I want it for is for a Five Things, which I have two others that could be added to make three, but that leaves two. If I'm going to do insane OTT AUs, I should do them all at once.
4.) Untitled, Stargate:Atlantis/Bourne Identity, John/Rodney, 35,000 words, still *really* in progress and recently brutally cut to pieces. Gah.
5.) Untitled, Due South, Fraser/Kowalksi, 30,000 words, being rewritten for backstory.
6.) Running on Empty, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney, 21,000 words, and the vampire AU that--is there. I mean, that's the thing. It's not a problem with the fic, per se. It's after ten minutes of writing, I stop, stare at it, and realize I am writing an SGA vampire AU. I mean, even going desperately to re-read telesilla to see how it can be awesome does not negate the fact I am writing a vampire AU novel and just. *hands*
7.) Crimes Against Humanity, Stargate:Atlantis, 50,000 words. Sort of. I cut out most of what I'd done for the ending because I wanted to do something else with it and didn't--do anything with it. Yeah.
8.) Untitled, Stargate:Atlantis, John/Rodney. This is--okay, I had this moment where I thought, you know what would help that freaky slavery squick? Write about the Alterans enslaving humanity. Yeah, that didn't work.

To Do

1.) Finish 2008 fic in review.
2.) Eat ice cream.
3.) Sleep. (not happening)
4.) Try to watch Vegas.
5.) ...end up tracking down the rare Chuck/Bryce to work on my deep hatred of him when he isn't bloody and shooting people, because I am so torn. I just hate him, right up until he starts shooting people. I am so shallow, but Christ, Bryce is insanely pretty.