December 30th, 2008

another frog

this is what makes life worth living

Governor Rod Blagojevich to Name Burris to Senate


I would personally like to thank the News Gods for bringing me something immensely entertaining as innocent-until-proven-oh-who-are-we-kidding Rod (and Hair!) Blagojevich appointing the senate seat that he is currently under investigation for trying to sell.

This? This is a Christmas miracle.

Tell me your day is not 100% better just knowing that he is so raging against the dying of the light. Or something.
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day three of wiiiiiii fiiiiiit and other things

Yeah, it never gets old to yell Wiiiiii! I am totally getting why Nintendo went with this name. The programmers totally went around yelling "Where is the wiiiiii code? Do you have more wiiiiiiii functionality?" Totally.

Wii Stats

Sunday: 1.5 hours
Monday: 35 minutes
Tuesday: 43 minutes

Currently, I've lost two pounds and lowered my BMI by some amount, cramped up my left foot, and overworked my left leg, so no heels for a few days while I walk off the strain. It's also why I had to stop; I couldn't hold any toe positions because of (very mild) leg spasms. So far, getting up every thirty minutes and doing stretches against the wall is getting rid of the worst of it, but it does mean when I get up in the morning, it'll be about twenty minutes before I can work my heels back to the ground (or ten if I'm in a hurry and that's often). For those who travel with me regularly, or who are synedochic and niqaeli, yes, like that. And yes, I'm looking into a local masseuse, since I do want my flexibility back but am not fond of low level pain when walking all day.

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In closing, does anyone have any Chuck icons? Or know where I can find them? Or will just give me randomly out of pity?