December 16th, 2008

christmas two

this is not a test. this is a poll.

Poll. Because they are there and I can't think of a reason not to. Also because I discovered a fascinating fact; I am going to die before I finish this story that was already finished before svmadelyn says "I think you skimmed some of this" which is why it went from a healthy 29K to an unfinished 45K that, due to cleverly deleting what you had before, now requires a rewrite that you suspect will only end with your life. Which is somehow ironic, considering the premise.

...right. Poll! Here!

Poll #1316542 TABS ARE FOREVER!!!!!

What is the greatest number of tabs in Firefox you have had open at one time?

Careful, Aren't We: 1 - 10
Okay, That's Reasonable: 11 - 20
...Really: 21 - 50
Why In the Name of God: 51 - 99
Screenshots or It Didn't Happen: 100+

ETA: Trufax - I think my most was thirteen. I all fic I read or want to read and live in terror of a browser shutdown. I am boggling at 121 now. I want to try that.
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