September 30th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

and all things at peace

Carefully peering out to check for more Dow crashes. Suddenly, the story about the sky falling makes so very much sense.


I wrote fic about a dangerously incompetent cat-nabbing ring.

I read Prison Break fic and try to keep some kind of sanity in the face of OMG HOT.

Much More Interesting Stuff

Oh! Fanlore Wiki is open!

Now, you, too, can document fannish history in wiki form. Which is actually weirdly fun, since me and general_jinjur emailed back and forth saying things like "Wait, when did DVD commentaries in general start?" and "Are you sure 2005?" and "OOho, but I saw one earlier I think!" So we can cite. Because this is happiness.

Um. Go, play, remember embarrassing things about fannish history to add. You totally know you want to!

And Last Stuff

2008 DVD Commentary Challenge closes at 11:59 PM tomorrow. You have all today and all tomorrow.

Now, this is where I also say, if you have started already and you know you are going to be delayed, email me or Jin ASAP. This is for indexing purposes--we don't shut down the community between challenge dates, but we don't like, check it either for indexing all that often. You can leave it here or in the latest entry at the community, but please do tell us. That way we'll both know to go look at it and add it to the master list.

And that's it for now. If today is like yesterday, perhaps we will have more Portraits of Stockbrokers in Distress.
children of dune - leto 1

yes, it is very funny

I have a very strong feeling that a template for mailing lists pages and a template for archive pages are desperately needed.

*chews lip* This is going to be all over again, isn't it?

ETA: Did I mention the page is here and there need to be more new pages now? *hopeful*
children of dune - leto 1

whee fanlore things!

Last one, I promise. Today.

I have added templates! I have mastered wikilanguage! Or just, you know, learned the art of copy/paste. Added Template:ArchiveProfile and Template:UsenetProfile, which are basically just extensions of Template:Site with a couple of added lines specifically for archives and usenet newsgroups. Because I am having a really fantastic time.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack. Also, check out the SGA page and the link to the Sheppard page. It. Is. Awesome.