April 21st, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

rec - shed your skin (the sledgehammer remix)

So I keep re-reading the remix of Shed Your Skin, because it is just that damn cool. Mostly because I'm always most curious about why a particular story was chosen. For me, it's usually a single thing--a line, a word, a short and bright second of a scene, and I think, yes, that. (I mean, I have loved all my remixes indecently, but remixing Trin's fic into Empty got me high--I spent half of it going "Oh my God I can soulbond scientifically. I love SGA! I love holograms! I LOVE EVERYTHING" and half of it going "Probably don't want to create a universe where people say 'Hail Rodney full of Grace' even if that would be really really cool." You know, as one does.

However. I have not been genuinely shocked by a choice of remix before. Except when Katherine freaking redid an entire series and I'm still amazed she pulled that off. That was neat.

So anyway. In a combination of egoism (whee my story!) and also because if the remixer is like me, they stared at it for ten minutes (hours, days) and told ten friends "She is going to hate this and unfriend me and then send ninjas, I can feel it"--what I liked about this.

For reference:
Shed Your Skin (The Sledgehammer Remix)
Shed Your Skin (original)

Below cut.

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