April 11th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

on a hunt

....I am seriously going to snap and start singing showtunes--bad ones--any minute now.

*stare at folder of remaining tests* This so cannot be my life.

Okay, now. Request.

This fic. Before everyone twitches, this one is good and I need it like I need chocolate, but you know what, I can't get chocolate right now. So I want this.

Set during Rising, gen ( think?), vampire AU. No, this one was *good*. I don't remember much more than that other than a conversation between Sheppard and Weir. It's really really good and I really really need it. A lot. Please. Published pre-March 2007, probably 2006.

*points* I'll be over here. Staring at the tests. Not crying at all. Really.

ETA: My eternal adoration to bratfarrar. REC REC REC Cry Havoc by kitsune_tsuki. With vampire and werewolves and God, this is a universe I could lose a year in and never come out. For something so short, there's so much there.

I wish I could quote, but there's nothing that isn't quotable. I am going to quietly not go insane by thinking about all the ways this could have gone. As I test. Again. And not die.
children of dune - leto 1

short message

So two weeks ago, I took Waffles to the emergency vet, convinced something was wrong because I thought he hadn't been drinking enough water and he'd ignored his food. It turned out I was--well, hysterical. After a few tests and etc, we brought him home, because he was fine. He was just being a rabbit.

Not so much apparently. I got a call as I was leaving work, on time and everything. My son was checking on Waffles and found he'd already passed on.

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