April 9th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

i don't want a pony. i want a clone

A Versus S: The Rise of the Clones (or something)

Because we are about three days away from Operation Reconnect on Saturday and this time I put a post-it note up to remind me that come hail, bad weather, or epic pneumonia, I will be watching this. Um, unless John Sheppard appears on my doorstep. Then all bets are off.

Linked first by gweniriol:

the following post is [about] anonymous hosted by Henry Jenkin's blog, apparently from an (anonymous but not Anonymous) student. It, er, has nothing particularly new to say that anyone on lj hasn't been saying, but it's a nice and concise summary of events so far.

Linked by JF's user Nigredo on Operation: Mock at JF:

Serious Business, hosted by Citypaperonline, a pretty darn good article about Anonymous, Scientology, the internet, et al. Really, really interesting.

The Definition of Insanity Is...

Theoretically (as in, from the internetz I got my learnings), insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response. That personally makes no sense to me, because as we all know, doing something exactly the same way over and over is a flat out guarantee that it will have a different response just as you have fallen into the rut. Which is why people are up at four in the morning when their hard drive inexplicably crashes and they lose all their media after saving it the same way as always. Not that this has happened to me. But I have heard of it.

However. At work, this is the actual definition of sane. Doing the same test over and over and over until it starts working. I literally think that at some point, someone is going to come in here and find me sitting in my bra and a pair of sunglasses talking to my imaginary best friend Bob the Toaster. It's just that likely. Assuming I remember to wear a bra.

It's over soon. Well, not really. But the part that's making me have some kind of strange interaction with the not-real world (ask chopchica about my sudden desire to turn all of SGA into actual vampires; this can't end well).


I rarely rec music, but if you are say, in a bad mood? The rageful kind? Falls Apart by Hurt is doing good things for me. It tricked me. The beginning is faintly slow emo by way of Staind and I was all, whee mope, oh woe my hard life, then suddenly there's like, that virtual feeling of being in a room full of guitars and your job is to smash them all. Yes. That please. It's on youtube (a lot), but I can't listen from here to see which version sounds right.