March 26th, 2008


in want of a sex aid

At the core of me, I'm a prude.

Write about sex, sure. Any day at any time: Rodney, Lex, Clark, Justin, Brian, John can find themselves impaled on anything, organic or not. Especially Brian; I think we can all admit there is not an object that Brian Kinney wouldn't regard as a potential sexual aid. But that's writing.

Girlparts. Such a word to use. Vagina. If there can be a play, I can type the word, vagina. Vagina. Yes.

We're a little--reticent. I don't know where it comes from; I really don't want to know. No matter where I go in fic, no matter the marvelous friends I've made, or the discussions of strange intimate growths or odd foot fungus--I can ask for a thousand opinions on anything up to which collar would go best with Rodney's coloring and should Clark get a kryptonite cock ring?

But I have yet to comfortably ask anyone, "So which of these appendages should I introduce to my vagina?"

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And that is why I'm happy.

ETA: (still reading, helplessly) I love my flist. They are the most awesome people in the universe!