March 22nd, 2008

another frog

it is not like reading latin. i think i could understand latin.

The thing is, svmadelyn knew, and still she pasted it.

After 38 Years, Israeli Solves Math Code, which is one of those things that is basically, for both of us, like really really expensively out of reach chocolate. Because we can stare at it for a while and think, wow, that's so cool and then now in human speech?

Because, quote:

"Say you've lost an e-mail and you want to get it back — it would be guaranteed," he said. "Let's say you are lost in a town you have never been in before and you have to get to a friend's house and there are no street signs — the directions will work no matter what."

We both stared at it and didn't speak for a few minutes, then simultaneously pasted what we'd been secretly googling.

The Road Coloring Problem by A. N. Trahtman
Note: Lots of words that do not mean what you thought they meant. Ask me how i ended up printing the explanation of a finite machine. I don't know. I just know I am afraid.)

The Road Coloring Problem on Wikipedia.
Note: There's a picture!

There was another length of silence.

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I don't remember Smallville making me do homework. Besides the one on nuclear detonation and the speed of jets flying to the Fortress.