March 17th, 2008

awesome bunny

spring is coming

I'm in this ridiculously good mood this morning. I mean, the low-grade euphoric kind. People. I am listening to the Glee (tm mirielle719) playlist and I can count on one hand the number of times I have done that on a Monday. One hand. One hand that does not exist. Okay, I'm also listening to the Atlantis Project playlist, but it's like my default musical place.

I really want to go outside for a break and dance around to Drops of Jupiter in the worst way. There's this sheltered area across the narrow parking lot with picnic tables. If no one's out there, the angle will shield me from the windows of the building.

Most of them, anyway.

So. For those of you awake and willing to type, what do you do with your unexpected good moods?
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children of dune - leto 1

vidrec - papa don't preach by fan_eunice and greensilver

I meant to rec this like, when it came out, but then there was sleeping and such.

But. Totally not missable.

Papa Don't Preach, Vid, Torchwood, by fan_eunice and trelkez. From the entry:

So, greensilver and I may sometimes disagree, but there is one thing we stand absolutely united on. And that is our deep and heartfelt concern for Jack and his unplanned pregnancy. We couldn't just leave him an unwed mother like that, now could we? No, we could not.

You really, really, really have not lived until you see Jack telling his papa he's keeping his baby.
children of dune - leto 1

recs - the long read collection

Because every once in a while, I just want to spend a few hours somewhere very far away. Another galaxy, even. All SGA, Sheppard/McKay

About a Lamp by flambeau - this is one of those ones I always re-read for the way she builds this one in long and short scenes, surreal and just odd, but utterly, utterly amazing as they slowly fit together. There's a feeling of not-quite-right that everyone knows is there but no one can finger, and it opens up into a really fantastic Needful Things-esque type of story, in a fantastic way. Definitely takes the idea of careful what you wish for to a new and really fascinating place.

The Machinery of Heaven by flambeau - it took me two reads to really get it, but in my defense, pretty sure I had a bad cold. The plot is fascinating and complex and a couple of reads aren't any hardship at all. Rodney's engineering skills are needed to help fix a machine, but not everyone on the planet wants it restored. It starts slow and easy and moves faster the farther in you get. Did I mention bracelets for thought sharing? Yeah. Just like that.

Intersections by kaneko - first season canon based, a vaguely alternate history of John and Rodney's first meeting and their respective pasts. Moves between past and present flawlessly and one of my favorites for random re-read.

Instantaneous by Cimorene - personal transporter! Mostly. Inspiring scientific exploration, long jumper rides, John learning the art of startling people for fun and profit, and an interesting exploration of the possibilities of use.

The Pegasus Device by liketheriverrun - very WWII AU of Private Detective John Sheppard and criminologist Rodney McKay. Oh heck yes. With mysterious deaths and strange accidents and the war coming home. It's so totally a great fannish caper and it. Is. Awesome.

The Taste of Apples and Sacrificial Drift by auburnnothenna - novel and sequel, start with gen that becomes slash. A great plot for the first part that grows creepier and odder at every turn. Mindlinks and alien spores and do not want to spoil, but must be read. Very awesome.
children of dune - leto 1

interests are back way too fast

For those following along with the popular interests controversy--short version, certain popular interests being screened from public view--they've been restored. Updated posted to the_lj_herald. Also a link to the changelog showing the code change, or so it is said.


Okay, I give up. SUP, you have officially lost me. Either this was:

a. real and you withdrew it due to reaction,
b. it wasn't real and was to split attention between basic account and interests, then give us one back so we would be fooled into thinking you listen to us,
c. this is a test of your local broadcast system just to see if we'd notice,
d. really weird accident of some kind.
e. social experiment! (by trobadora)

No, seriously. That's just odd. Anyone have a guess?

(Thanks to amireal for the heads up.)

ETA: Advertiser Tracking of Flist of Sponsored Accounts with BEACON. Read the entire entry. (thanks to goss for the link!)
Updated 3/17/2008, 9:04 PM - This post is locked.

ETA 2: marta of lj staff has spoken in comments here. Um, not much so far, but wow. Staff speaking to us.
children of dune - leto 1

con.txt - so that looks like insane fun

Okay, so.

This is late, and it's like--okay, does anyone remember my impulse buying of rabbits and playstations? Right. This is like that, but now requires outside interaction.

Is anyone going to con.txt and, at this hugely late stage, still needs two roommates? svmadelyn and I are staring at it in a kind of--let us say hunger.

Yes, I know, so late, but it is there and it is hard to resist.
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