March 12th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

i blame the coffee; it's not as tasty as usual

I feel like my purpose now is to link to things or something. It's very, very lowering. In that way that I'm not sure I can define 'lowering' as 'has no hope of original content because I keep thinking of things to write so as to get someone to flame me so I can retaliate with extreme prejudice'. And not even well--I mean, if you have been around here since 2002 (I'm looking at you, emrinalexander et al), my flames are sad, sad flames. They're like, spelling correction: pretty much the internet equivalent of sticking out my tongue and saying "Nya-nya, nya-nya, nya." Very sad.

Yeah. Welcome to my head.


schronicles is running a flashfic challenge for Sarah Connor Chronicles. Whee flashfic! Go forth and flash! Er, fic.

Five People Who Made My Week Better

svmadelyn - who finally got me able to start a possible prompt for SGA Big Bang.
eleveninches - who cheered the prompt on and said such things as ! and OMG which are inspirational when one is mentally damaging characters for fun.

(Right there, when none of you winced? That means you have been reading here too long. Or know me too well. I bet you didn't think, eww, mental damage! I bet you are thinking, huh, will it be disease, radiation, or torture this week?)

chopchica - because she hasn't mentioned my bright future as the penultimate authority on dragon rape this year. I--seriously, what? Where did that come from? How did that even come up?
fyrdrakken - who showed me a super awesome picture of her new rabbit condo. Super. Awesome.
cereta for the new community shakydismount.


And finally, bonus! A useless bonus. But a bonus. For beadattitude, who wanted ficlets the other day. Very short ficlets. Perhaps one might say, miniscule.

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ETA: Reminder--alternate pairings sign-up for Big Bang is going on here. Several pairings have already been closed due to respondents. Go check it out if you're interested.