March 7th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

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During my "Drowning in the Shower: Fact or Fiction? Let's Experiment!" headache period yesterday, I went to class and was appalled to discover that class lasted five minutes. So I went to the library to--actually no idea, it was rainy, and this really cute guy was maybe/possibly there, but I ended up wandering out with non-fiction, because apparently, no matter how I try to weasel out of this, my degree plan really wants me to have calculus and no, you can't drown yourself in the shower. Stupid gag reflex.

I don't think I've ever been in a lower point in my life than telling my only beloved child that we were going to study the wonderful world of Algebra from the bottom up. I'm not even sure he completely understands long division. However. My mother taught me a valuable lesson; misery is halved if you are making someone else miserable doing the same thing. I am going to try that, because no one should wake up from nightmares about differentiation and a horrible slo-mo moment where there were a million problems that I had to solve with a broken pencil.

Also, time stopped today, because I swear it's been ten days since I woke up this morning.

Welcome to my crazy. Next, drowning in the rain? Fact or fiction? Its' raining now. Let us see.

Also, my sympathy to those north of Austin. Wow, who saw snowstorms, eh? Not me! But if its any consolation, my youngest sister is among you up there and trapped. Wait. That's consolation to me. She sends sad pictures of acres of (feet of) snow-covered ground while groups of them marvel from porches at the wondrous stuff. Any minute now I expect an update from them telling us "WE TOUCHED IT AND IT WAS COLD! WHAT SHIT IS THIS?" because her friends are special.

I have one cookie left.
children of dune - leto 1

afternoon in the office

I've had a lot of coffee and my brain age is 29 (best is 20). Therefore, I think I am almost fit for human interaction.

Nintendo DS + Brain Age I = CRACK CRACK CRACK

Actually, part of it is this; relearning how to memorize and retain is actually fairly hard. I never have had any sort of decent memory (except SV fic; man, there was a period in my life I was doing a seventy something percentage recall; that fic where Clark ate a grape? INDEXED IN MY HEAD. Tentacle rape? KNOW ALL THREE. I am glad that period of time has passed.) Pattern recognition, however, is a lot easier.

And those speed math tests are really cracky, but also really focusing for some reason. I have no idea why, but doing one hundred simple problems at speed is extraordinarily mood-lifting.

Also, TETRIS dammit. I want. So. Much.