March 2nd, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

ah. right.

Touch My Body by Mariah Carey (when I first wrote it, I said Oh my God for the title, and it's appropriate)*

I. Um. Okay, thefourthvine is restricted from watching because one vendetta a year is enough, really. The rest of you...

I mean. Does anyone watch that and think strange soft-core porn metrosexual fantasy as interpreted by someone who has a.) never had sex b.) never had a relationship that didn't involve chatspeak and c.) been diagnosed insane?

A unicorn? Why? Why? What did unicorns do to you?

*svmadelyn pasted this to me without warning. Without warning.

ETA: Pillow fight? Stop. Stop. Stop.
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it's because it's march and i feel happy

I often think of Best Buy as less of a store than an endless source of money-spending. In some ways, it's worse than Frye's; Frye's has so much that you can get overstimulated and conceivably leave clutching a usb drive and your tattered dignity.

Not so much Best Buy, no.

The Story

I'd been meaning to get Mom a gaming keyboard, since the wireless set she has now is a.) old, and b.) keeps slowing randomly and slowing her hunt for--some thing. I have no idea what. She's started working in groups with other players in Guild Wars, and apparently, the response time is really bad, though she was sure she was just old and therefore on a slow and inevitable decline toward senility or something. I stared at her blankly and remembered this is the woman who has conquered every Zelda game ever and checked her keyboard and mouse. They both worked okay, but sticky keys and basic wear and tear on a wireless desktop; I figured in any case, it was time for a replacement and to, you know, kind of psych her into thinking it was the keyboard and not her. So I said, with thoughtful, considered tones, "You need a gaming keyboard. That's the problem." She looked at me with a kind of vaguely cynical hope. But this is me; I made her a Guild Wars junkie. I am totally that kind of manipulative daughter.

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And that was my day.