March 1st, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

recs - the giggling collection

Got to cuddle baby. Baby is still here, in range!

In honor of ridiculously infatuated aunts, giggly recs. Also in honor of boniblithe, since I have no idea what she's read so far and hasn't.

To Make You Giggle

What You Might Call Obvious by giddygeek

"Over the next twenty-five years, we could have sex 3900 times," Rodney said, ignoring him, "if we averaged about four times a week, which I certainly could. In that same twenty five years, you'd come close to dying 45 times while I watched helplessly, if you continued averaging about 1.8 times a year, which you almost certainly will--and look how generous I'm being. I'm not even taking into account the number of times you could almost die while I fight to save you. I'm sorry, but in terms of risk assessment, those are just unacceptable numbers, Colonel."

Traps (Human Sized Mouse Ones) by laytoncolt

He was going to snap. He really was. If Kavanagh said one more thing about how great Major John Sheppard was, he was going to head off to the arsenal, grab a P90, and then he was going to come back here and he was going to kill him.

"He's just so smart," Kavanagh said, not the first time. "I mean, I was so glad this expedition was going to be civilian run, but I think I would feel better if Sheppard was in charge. Weir is so out of her depth."

A Not So Modest Proposal by reccea

"So, you're saying you want me to be your trophy wife."

Rodney got the bar back up and onto the rack over him. "Looks and charm are perfectly acceptable contributions to a marriage."

*happy sigh* Annnd. Back to kidnapping the baby.
children of dune - leto 1

Resolution 4: February

Fannish Resolution 4

Track my leaving feedback versus number of stories I read to find out what proportion of fic I feedback and why/why not. Possibly do it publicly.

So for February, statistics.

Stories Read: 37*
Vids Watched: 0
Stories FBed: 27
Vids FBed: 0
Authors/Vidders: 21
--Star Wars (fusion)

Hmm. Because ratcreature got me thinking last month.

Pairing Distribution:
Sheppard/McKay: 17
Sheppard/Ronon: 8
Sarah Connor/Kyle: 1
Gen: 9
Jack/Ianto: 2

Hmm. My feedback ratio is less than desired. I wonder if I should track re-reads--though seriously, re-reads are my bulk. Sometimes, a girl just wants to read about Rodney proposing marriage or John putting nipple clamps on Rodney several times you know? Yeah.