February 16th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

update before my hands try to kill me


I have updated recs! Except not all of them. Because I can't feel my fingers anymore. I have lost the fingerprint on my index finger due to the laptop's touchpad and eight to ten hours of coding and redoing the CSS for four pages on my website.

Okay, the thing is? All I was going to do was split Sheppard/McKay up from Gen and Other Pairing, because wow, that page got long. Did anyone know it got that long? How on earth was it usable? Anyway, I pulled the other and gen out and got them each their own page and thought, well, while I'm here, let's fix that thing.

Ten hours later...

(This is a dramatic bit of foreshadowing to tempt you to click the cut, expecting something fascinating. It's a total lie, though, but do tell me if it worked?)

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And wasn't that a fascinating digression? I need to work in a porn shop. I would haev better stories.

SGA Ows Me

Well, that was good for me. Good for you? More later, when my fingers are not burning in pain.
children of dune - leto 1

and this is why i haven't done a new design in over three years

Okay, I give up.

I give up.

This was obviously built by insane system programmers, which I am totally conversant on because I read about it once in a book. This--this isn't logical. Who builds a markup language with the assumption of a left justification? Why should I have to fight for right? Why didn't they think of us who like right justification? Some of us aren't into the left side so much. Might be the entire sinister aspect of it, or maybe we just are afraid of it. Ever think of that, sport? That left bothers me? That I feel a little claustrophobic when I have to align everything against the popular left side of the page? Do you realize you gave us ABSOLUTE POSITIONING POWER and yet somehow left out a way to just drag everything left? Why? Why did you do that?


Oh my God, it cannot have been that hard to do what I can do in regular HTML without twitching. It's right alignment. And what the hell about ALIGN FUCKING CENTER? THREE ID COMMANDS? Are you kidding? Did someone who liked their webpages lined against the right side run over your new iMac? I DO NOT FREAKING THINK SO.


Hi. I am going to kill everyone involved in the standardization of CSS.

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When I grow up and finish programming for the web class, I solemnly swear I will some day sit on the standards board who decides this shit. Then I'm going to make the following rulings:

All web browsers must be compliant with standard or large men with pipes will comes to their houses and make them use Windows Vista every day for the rest of their life. Home Basic edition. With one gig of RAM. Yeah. Have fun with that.

There will be special commands for everyone who wants to design from the right side of the screen. They will be called blessed. They will get cookies.

Someone, somewhere will acknowledge that while there is no standard in screen size and by all the gods of the internets, it will be easy to design from 800/600 straight to 1600/1200 so they look readable no matter what. And a magic font fixer. And a pony, because if my sanity is going to snap building a ridiculously simple webpage, then I am going to ride a pony around and call myself a princess. Also send a tiara.

And I was going to finsih my review of Teal'c's arms Midway. *sad*

It's raining. Of course it is. It's a freaking conspiracy of the anti-right brigade.
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