February 11th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

february 10. 2008

Found on sf_drama who got it from metaquotes here, which are, I'll be honest, better at getting up to date information than CNN these days.

February 10, 2008 - Anomymous in London....

Okay, the thing is, while reading along and nodding, it occurred to me that I one day want the opportunity to shout these two things as part of a group in public:

Sometimes we cheered and clapped, sometimes we shouted "TL;DR!"


A friend had a banner with "SCIENTOLOGY MAKES ME A SAD PANDA!" which the media snapped a lot, we chanted it for a bit, then started demanding to know why Xenu/Tom Cruise/Scientology hated pandas.

The rest of the entry is pretty darn funny, btw. If anyone sees any other entries on this, link please?

Here is an estimated world headcount for Feb 10.

You know, I'm torn. Half of me feels like I'm documenting this like I'm watching some rare species of wildlife in its native habitat, then the rest of me notices I'm in half the shots I'm taking. Or at least parts of my internet culture are. And that's the part of me that makes it impossible to share with pretty much three quarters of the people I know IRL; the background alone is a dissertation.

And how does one explain the panda without excusing yourself for fits of hysteria? Really?

ETA: Updated late, because I suddenly became strangely busy at work.

From serabut -- About the raids and, in serabut's words, a very newbie-friendly intro.

From elenlita -- The Protest in Atlanta with riot police!

And apparently, March 15 is the next signficant day in Chanology.

Also check Encyclopedia Dramatica (which is never work safe, ever, even when you are on a page that could not possibly have porn, there will be porn, I can almost guarantee this) with updates to Project Chanology/IRL Protest Page (seriously! A page devoted to this!) and Project Chanology's own page and, yes, one more, Project Chanology Media Coverage.

And finally, Wikipedia updates its Chanology information.

A few more links in comments, should anyone want to follow along. This is just interesting.

This is now under the tag A Versus S while I wander along blinking thoughtfully and slowly but surely catching up on the history of so many internet memes I never knew came from 4chan. Who knew?
rabbit two

it's far too late to be thinking so much. ed is such a drug

The thing is.

The thing is, I don't remember how it was before.

It's frustrating when Livejournal goes down. When YIM or AIM start hijinking--you see where I'm going with this. I started in fandom in usenet and mailinglists and went to chat halfway through Voyager and full time once I hit X-Men. I know--I know the universe of fandom wasn't always this fast. The speed of gossip's always beat the speed of light. The thing is gossip can precede the event to gossip about. There's nothing new in making what was fantasy a fact; science does it all the time. People do it, too.

From boji, two links:

matociquala fighting meme with meme (or) how to use narrative as a weapon and leahbobet The Medium. The Message.

I think they have the voice I've been searching for in what this felt like when I read about it the first time in startled fascination. I was excited, and I wasn't sure why or how to phrase it; I mean, what the hell could I say? I didn't know what I was looking for, why I kept searching it up, and dear God, no one sane should spend that much time on Encyclopedia Dramatica, that's asking for some kind of cognitive dissonance or getting way too fascinated with LOLCode. Getting on digg to sweep through and watch it manipulated, look at technorati and del.icio.us and ponder myspace and facebook and think yes. Yes. That's it.

I'm pulling a short thread to quote from here:

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I seriously have to stop watching youtube. I just--it's totally the wrong question, is it real. I think it's more, how real do you want it to be? I think it just made pretty fucking real.

I am going to have a brownie and write porn now.