February 6th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

wednesdays start like this

Life, Universe, Much Less Than That

overheardfandom is up and running, mostly. This means be witty. Ironic puns also work. And post. It's not that I think everyone here exists for my entertainment...I'm sorry. I mean, I don't publicly admit I think everyone here exists for my personal entertainment. Totally different thing.

Unpopular Fannish Opinions of eleveninches keeps making me giggle inappropriately, mostly because my list is long and it starts with every peeve I have on Sheppard characterization and what passes for meta. That's one through fifty, so you see this would take several livejournal entries and possibly citations.

But a. I am no longer attempting to single-handedly stroke out before I see the next episode b. I have a sense of humor, really, and c. I have decided that no one out there is really commenting on my personality type and introversion every time they talk about the evils of repression.

See? Better. Really.


I think I need to explain some of my less than clear tags. I'm thinking the slow creep of insanity and the eternal darkness of sloths are perhaps less descriptive of their content than one might think.

Unpopular Fannish Opinions

You know mine. Sheppard, Sheppard, Sheppard. Sheppard. Did I mention Sheppard?

But here are the others. Spoilers for season so far.

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And I'll continue this when I think of five more.
children of dune - leto 1

the wonderful world of escalating technology

...so no one really needs a 16G USB Flash drive, right?

No. Of course not.



One one hand, progress is awesome. On the other--okay, how many of us need:

A.) A Bullet Proof Flash Drive (for all those international spies on my flist?)

B.) A Survivor Flash Drive (for all those survivalists with robust broadband connections in the wilderness?)

*squints at the first one* When I say "You will take my internet porn over my dead body", I am seriously not being literal.

Also, ordered a Passport External hard drive. I have no idea what to do with my other external if I can't get it to connect up. Theoretically, one can get the disc out for recovery, but that sounds disturbingly expensive.

OTOH--it will take me a really long time to replace what I have on there.