February 3rd, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

rec - eat your heart out peggy fleming by miss-porcupine

samdonne - you might like this, but I'm not sure if you are into military-heavy fic, but it's John-heavy and gen with lots of plot.

Eat Your Heart Out, Peggy Fleming by miss_porcupine - John, the team, the Marines, gen, richly and fully written, a frozen world, and mysterious readings on the PDAs. Excellent, excellent work.

Now, request. Two, actually. Show me these fics.

1.) John Sheppard gen (preferably plotty, but anything will work)
2.) Sarah Connor Chronicles Future!John/Cameron

Both are for a friend, but the first is also because I want to do a full redesign of my webpage and split it into gen and slash pages, as right now, adding anything makes the page too hard to read practically. It's pretty hard to navigate now, to be honest, and ideally I'd like to split between Short and Long, not just Series and Non-Series. And I go through phases of intense Sheppard/McKay only and Sheppard-only, so I know I missed some stuff. And I am not updating that thing again until I have a better format. God do I wish I could find auto software I like for this.

And pimp yourself if you have some. Please. Seriously. There is a place for being humble and unassuming. This is not that place. Yes, even if you know I read and recced it already, I really need this and also, see above. Reader! Who wants you! Think of the reader. Think of that poor reader.

ETA: Fixed link to miss_porcupine's story. Thanks jack_pride!
children of dune - leto 1

briefly, and with malice aforethought

Eventually, when I'm less shocked--I shouldn't be, but I am, because it always, always surprises me how people bend and ignore canon so they don't have to rethink their assumptions about any given character--I am going to do a long, long meta on why in general I prefer gen to slash in SGA because of how much I am growing to hate how John Sheppard is written.

Because--seriously. The latest round of Fucked Up Sheppard is not just reaching--that's creating brand new vistas of denial. I mean, YMMV, Infinite Diversity, and Live Long and Prosper, but if people can take a week of offense from Rodney having to have a lemon in his general line of sight, I'm reserving the right to have a twenty-four hour period of moodiness for the latest explanation of how being a private person is somehow deeply wrong.

...really. I just--wow. I have got to not be tempted by links. Did anyone see the same episode I did?
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children of dune - leto 1

the karma strikes back, sort of

I have dropped a glass pie plate on my foot, namely, my toes. There was blood, and hopping, and I may have insulted the ancestors of the cow that gave his life for that food I was putting on the plate. I am coping manfully with ice, vicodin, and random bouts of rage--kind of like this afternoon, but now I have a plausible reason to flame people and be forgiven! This is very exciting.

*stares at foot* Wow. You wouldn't think two such tiny toes could cause that much pain. It's kind of awe-inducing, really.

(No, don't think they are broken, just, you know, very bruised and possibly going to have problems with shoes.)

ETA: And the pie plate didn't even have the decency to break!