January 27th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

sga recs - multiple

Raiders of the Seven Systems by ltlj - it is like glee in a puddlejumper. John and Teyla and Ronon are pirates! Seriously! Spacepirates! I have no idea how that is other than a thousand kinds of win. Space. Pirates. I cannot get over the level of awesome.

A Bit Like Goldilocks, A Lot Like That Woody Allen Movie by tzzzz - Post-Quarantine, hysterically funny past/present, with Rodney discovering the Sekrit Past of Sheppard and Carter in the most hilarious way possible.

An Unorthodox Solution for Boredom by leupagus - Rodney keeps getting distracted. With hilarious results.

Best Somethings by shrift - Post-Quarantine, in which John wonders if he'll be best man and Rodney wonders why no one told him he was dating Sheppard.

Class:Insecta by cupidsbow - AU from Conversion. I didn't expect how complicated and interesting such a simple change could make this world, but it's a fascinating idea all around. And no, I hate to go into more detail because it'll be close to a spoiler, so. Seriously. Nice.
children of dune - leto 1

rec - intimacy of man by samdonne

So this one surprised me, because I opened it as a re-read and apparently missed the entire last section the first time around.

Intimacy of Man by samdonne, Sheppard and a history of sex in five sections. It's funny and powerful and interesting, and I have things I've vaguely wanted to say about how they hook together, but I mostly got hit slightly harder than sideways by the last section that was completely unexpected, and also, apparently, the people of the forest moon of Endor are fanfic writers.

You really, really, really need to read this right now. Sheppard/m, Sheppard/f, Sheppard/m/f, Sheppard/Atlantis and the last is unclassifiable and deeply, deeply hilarious.

No, really. This story, right now. I have no words for how deeply I feel we all connect with the wonderful people of Endor. And the Sheppard/Atlantis is startlingly raw and painful--I expected it, but it was still a surprise.
children of dune - leto 1

in a race between rabbits

Sundays are not the most zen for birthdays. So far, my mother's desk slidy-thing for the keyboard broke (okay, keyboard tray, righ, that's the name!) and last night there was this weird thing with a headache and so I am drinking lots of water in hopes this is a case of stress followed by dehydration.

And then it got better.

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Waffles also let me pet him and didn't even act like it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to him. My rabbit is awesome as well.

My glee cannot be textually rendered. Mostly.
children of dune - leto 1

sga recs - multiple set 2

I'm catching up on recs I've meant to do. That I didn't. Okay, I will say this; keeping a log of fic I read and feedbacked, for some reason, makes me procrastinate in say, reccing it. It's just odd.

42 by cathalin - I seriously got a kick from this one. Post-Quarantine fic that is chock-*full* of Rodney, his trains of logic, and it's just. I was fascinated by how the author was putting Rodney's thought processes into words.

Canada Likes It on Top by busaikko - ice skating, babysitting, my favorite pairing, and almost hypothermia. It was adorable, and a fascinating Rodney pov. Likes.

Not a Hardship by torakowalski - this was just adorable. Three words. Ancient Chastity Belt. Yes. You want to read this now, right?