January 25th, 2008

dangerous sheppard

tentative rec and in which I start talking and do not stop

Si Muovo by kassrachel and Sihaya Black. I'm doing something I almost never do and reccing despite the fact that a.) I am only halfway done and probably won't finish until tonight and b.) I'm not even sure where this one will end up.

And for this reason:

So I was talking to amireal a few seconds ago about something that hit me while wandering around outside, thinking, God I love this story (will have your babies Kass! Really! Call me!) and then stopped short and considered the set-up and thought, wait. I hate this kind of story.

Very general spoilers somewhere under cut.

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One day, I am going to make sense when I do this, I swear to God.
children of dune - leto 1

rec - Si Muovo by kassrachel and sihayab

Si Muovo by kassrachel and sihayab - total, complete, joyful, utterly unconditional rec rec rec rec. It's all--it's like glee. Like glee in textual format over a very long html document. It's hope. Everything changes. Everything.

I'm going to go, you know, write. This makes me remember how much I love it, and how fun it is, and how huge the universe of fiction really is.

Read this. Now.