January 24th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

i think a thursday calls for delicious coffee beverages

A watched coffee pot does not ever finish dripping.

I tested this theory today and found it sound, which is why I am in my cubicle typing into livejournal instead of muttering into a coffee cup.

Also, my cubicle was decorated for my birthday. This has never, in my life, occurred. I was so ridiculously close to babbling I faked a coughing fit and pretended I found the latest email on new builds utterly engrossing. It's really not. I don't even know what all the words mean. Possibly because all I have had today is Diet Coke which is, I suspect, not actually a drink but a kind of penance for all the sugar I use in my coffee.

No, I am not mocking Diet Coke drinkers but--seriously. How do you get used to the not-sugar? I mean, it's not like my reaction to Pepsi Zero (UNCLEAN. UNCLLLEEAAAANNNN.) which is of a different category, you might say (Did I mention UNCLEEEAAANNNNN?). It's not even *bad*. But I can't get used to it and I don't know why.

After a few minutes just now holding the taste and studying it, I'm still stumped. The smell is different, metallicy, and the taste is very--not lemon but like it maybe in another life had relations with a lemon. And sweet in a way that my mind keeps circling around in a tight, wary loop of uncertainty. I like this? my stomach asks dubiously. Yet I am not sure if it is like-like. Please drink warily and wait for future instructions. Instructions that never come.

However, I do have a strange sort of semi-spiritual moment whenever I drink a regular Coke now. I keep thinking maybe stopping with the regular Coke for a month will teach my tongue to love the not-sugar, but it would be easier to remove my appendix with my fingers. Almost. It's a toss-up. I'd probably pass out from the pain but I might like, have a fugue without Coke, so you see how neither situation is preferable, really.

I wish there were other news, but there is not. There is, however, coffee now. Mmm. Coffee. And it is good.