January 17th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

in lieu of actual content, randomicity

So my book for C++ is shorter in length and width with slightly smaller print; therefore, I feel I am making less progress while reading.

Here is the thing that I would wish for, if I had three wishes and then they threw in a freebie that had to be meaningless and odd: the illusion of progress is a great and wonderful thing. Make your books longer to accomodate normal-size print.

I am almost certain, with no actual evidence, that people do better in classes that have print in a comfortable size that spans many pages. Sure, chapter one of Biology for People Who Are Really Into Organic Stuff is ten pages--but in tiny print. But the one for Biology For Those Who Flee From Explicit CSI Scenes and Cannot Handle the Meat Section of the Grocery Store have a thirty page chapter--but the pages have larger print. Ergo, the illusion of progress. We feel better about ourselves. We say I totally did ten pages for class, while Miss OMG Biology Awesome stares resentfully at her mere three. You see how this could be beneficial. Lording over other people can never be wrong when it's done silently and with significant looks.

Or we are staring at our book and wincing that the margins are smaller and we can no longer write indecent things in them. Not that we did.

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