January 6th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

these are the moments I look for my grandparents behind me

Sometimes I think, after too much reading, that we really only have one taboo left in discussion, and it is money. I can do entries on my kinks and squicks, go into deeply biological detail of many sex acts that I am physically incapable of performing, and ask everyone to show me their underwear. And some people will. And explain how they wear them. And I think cool.

I twitch when I talk about money. It's odd.

So I gave up on MSMoney after much tearing hair and dramatic gestures.

I did like it a lot, and when it worked, it was amazing, but the lack of the most rudimentary ability to edit was driving me nuts, and having to recorrect the balances every day to compensate for the time delay between when something posted to my bank and when something posted to my cards was kind of--crazy inducing.

It also wasn't terribly intuitive. Honestly, my finances are relatively simple; I do no dramatic trading nor rapid changes in accounts. It should not be that hard to get it right. But it was nice (and deeply depressing) to look at the total balances in a glance and actually see where my money was going. It was also nice to have the advice thing; I'll be honest. I like having an explanation and a pie chart on what I'm seeing. Looking at numbers helps, but the program showing proportion was a lot better at striking home on the amounts I'm spending.

So Quicken! Except I'm running into the same problem.

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Short version: anyone who uses Quicken, would you be willing to walk me through initial set up so I don't make stupid mistakes?

...I have never felt more boring in my life. I don't sound like my parents. I sound like my grandparents. But considering how well they have taken care of themselves, I can't consider this a bad thing. Merely a depressing one.

Right. Carry on. *sad*

But I'm curious; for anyone who does 401K or 457--do you get the same glee watching them slowly depreciate no matter how much you will them not to? Granted, there's not much there, but it's weirdly addictive.
children of dune - leto 1

this shouldn't be difficult, should it?

I feel I need to do resolutions of some kind. Something difficult and uncomfortable, which returns to this idea that resolutions are supposed to be unpleasant things, that one must gird themselves to do.

...I don't know. I do many unpleasant things already; adding more seems counterproductive to my zen. But all the pleasant things I'll do anyway, which leaves a sad list of resolutions. Seriously. Resolution one; write more porn.

So I give up. Anyone, ten fannish things I should do this year. Or two. Or one even. Something I can put a checkmark beside and look upon in satisfaction. And does not involve reorganizing my tag list, because really. That's just getting disturbing.


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