January 4th, 2008

children of dune - leto 1

wow, that's pretty damn sick

Found this on suzvoy and scribblinlenore's ljs:

boyan_fraser (memorize that name folks) is plagiarizing Thamiris in stories, posts, and comments.

...wow. It takes a distinct lack of basic decency to try something like that. And not what I would call the cream of the intelligence crop, considering, hey, Thamiris. Not exactly a non-recognizable source.

ETA: Plagiarizing fiction, plagiarizing livejournal entries, plagiarizing comments, and naming his livejournal after hers. Yes, I would like to state, this is a first for me to see, when someone plagiarizes another person's life.

There are links in fandom-lounge, should you be so moved as to wish to express your displeasure.
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