December 26th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

in which i randomly link, because i can

The Greatest Commerical in the History of Commericals

(Yes, I mean, the Kia one)

(I really want to buy a car from them to encourage commericals I like.)

For those who have been tragically denied ever seeing Flashdance (seriously, really?), based off of the audition scene, with the exception of the water bit, because I cannot find that. If anyone does, link me. I love that movie so much.

Also, since I'm doing random links, my second favorite video of all time.

Cold Hearted Snake, Paula Abdul.

Mmm. Pretty. Pretty.

ETA: If you tell me you were not trying to copy this in your bedroom, you are totally lying. Someone, who may have been me, pulled a muscle trying for--er. Nevermind. Anyway. Right. Moving on.
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