December 21st, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


Gakked from chicklet_girl:

MightyGodKing answers a "Nice Guy" Rant. By nice guy, we mean creepy. By MightyGodKing, we mean sexiest blog in western civilization.

From the blog:

Firstly, “douchebag” is one word, not two. So this Formerly Nice Guy lacks grammar and writing skills. No wonder he never gets laid. Doesn’t he know that chicks dig a dude with mad grammar skills? They are after me all the time to show me how I cleft a gerund, it makes them fucking swoon, it does.

In the words of chicklet_girl: I totes want to meet MGK so we can discuss gerunds. And by "discuss gerunds," I mean "fuck like banshees."

Hell. And yes.
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children of dune - leto 1

christmas rec!

Christmas rec!

The Marines of Atlantis and Christmas by miss_porcupine

The Marines are from my school of Christmas decorating thought; if it is not shiny, make it shiny. If it is already shiny, make it shiner. If there is a space for more lights fill it. If there is not, make more space. Basically, the concept of taste, class, and high electricity bills must bow before the awesomeness of a full wonderland in the front yard. Which God willing one day will be mine. Oh yes. One day, I will have it.

This comes to you from she who has asked Santa yearly to bring her a giant blow-up merry-go-round snowglobe thing that Wal-Mart stocks and is yearly denied. One day. One day. *Shakes fist at sky*.
children of dune - leto 1

my life, is it sunny and filled with snowflakes

I'm having some kind of creepy evening of euphoria right now. No, it is not chemically induced, but it is weird. I keep having vague urges to hug people and tell them they are wonderful. I'm mulling a rant I've wanted to do for a while to vent out some feelings, but for the life of me, I've completely forgotten what it was about. But I'm sure I felt very strongly about it.

Me Me Me

Grades were posted and I got my A in C++. Let me just say this: WHEEEE. I cuddle it and feed it brownies. But I--now that I know this part--really want to know what I got on the last lab and the two tests. I still have no idea what to do when I report to the new job, but I assume that showing up and looking hopeful will do the trick. I'm currently amused by my bosses, who spent quality time going over my MO ("You'll be quiet and stealthy," my boss said, deadpan. "They will think you are nice." "And then one day they'll wake up and realize they've given me awesome cosmic powers to all the programs and can do nothing to stop me," I answered. My boss: "Think they'll give you a committee to run?" Me: "Please don't warn them about that.")


For those interested in OTW:

Current Board and Committee Members

OTW Open Chat Information

I'll quote from the entry briefly:

Next week on Thursday, December 27th will be our first OTW Group Chat. We will be using Campfire, which can host up to 25 people in a room. At least one member of the board and one member of ComRel (Community Relations) will be in there to answer questions, talk about what we've done so far, things we're working on, things we need help with, etc.

We'd have more OTW committee/board representation but we don't want to take up the room for everyone else to chat. We'd have it on IRC, but...well, if you've ever been in a room with more than 20 people, you know that things can tend to get pretty crazy and blinding.

For those who attend; we look forward to reports! Yes, I know there will be a transcript available, but anyone non-OTW who feels like doing a read-friendly version, please link me if you do!


I have come to realize that shopping with a boycott of media for the Writer's Guild strike is--really terrifying. DVDs are like, the *staple* of my gift giving here. Do they want a shirt/tie/book/random trinket is solved when you can skip all that and hit the DVD section. I keep staring at it longingly from across the store and feelign a vague urge to write to the producers long, long emails with randomly mislabeled links to wherever goatse currently resides.

I have a dark side, I admit it. It gets darker the longer I am denied Battlestar Galactica season two.


(Yes. I am someone who does the glee laugh when seeing the lj gifts. They are just. So. Cute!)