December 19th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

it's really just something you don't expect to hear

My dad is very blue collar conservative, which is something that has bewildered me since I realized what platform Reagan ran under, yet he voted for Clinton the first time around, yet he listens to Rush Limbaugh like a religious figure. My dad, he is legion.

He's also hysterical.

Today, he eagerly awaited TMZ so as to catch up on news of the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy while debating with my two sisters whether or not Britney, too, was knocked up again.

There's a second of surreality that comes with this, since it also came up at work. My boss, staring mournfully into the distance of the cubicle farm (cubicle nation, even), murmurs, "Who would have thought anything could make Kevin Federline look like a responsbile, sober individual?"

....who are these people and what have they done with my father and my boss????

Suffice to say, tomorrow, we're going pod-hunting. I saw on TV they usually are piled in easily accessed storage rooms or beneath desks, and I filed away that useful bit of sci-fi trivia just for a day like this. Does anyone remember how to take out the pods, or will a letter opener, a staple gun, and a grim expression do the trick?

I need to lie down now.