December 17th, 2007


legion the things i'd give for a cookie

If I grumble, it's for a good cause.

Planned days off are awesome; taking off for sick child, not so much. I mean, not the caring for sick Child ("Mommy, go away."), but the fact I like to have a plan. If the plan is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, read my lj, and sleep, then by God, that's a plan. But now, there is no plan. There is, however, catching up on comments, which is nice, since most of the time I don't get a chance to respond to the latest ones or really think them over until the weekend when they are probably forgotten by the poster.

So I have achieved not so much productivity as make-work. I need a project.

Okay, this is twofold: one, class gave me evening structure. I had something due! I had to work! And that it was deeply fun to do was really a bonus; two, my work on the guide at work is coming to an end and I'm freaked out, because no one else, and I say this without arrogance, simply fact, knows enough about HTML, CSS, or Adobe to continue it, or is willing to learn. Not to mention the testing work I did on the program. I'm worried. It's not my responsibility, but--it's mine. I don't mind giving it up to someone who will love it like I do, who will enjoy it, who will take responsibility for it and work at it and think about how to make it better. Gah.


...why is itunes now randomly going back and making me find my library again? For the third time since I moved to this computer?? Did I do something wrong in set-up? The last time it happened--oddly, on December 1st--I immediately saved the library in case, but seriosuly, this is *annoying*. It's happening every two *weeks* and I'm officially tired of having ot go back and re-do my library like this; I dont' remember every change I made and every new playlist I created or what was on it. Hence the fact I save playlists as my memory.


Um, point me toward something interesting? Seriously. Sick Child is now watching X-Files off tapes we inherited from someone. Also, taking a second to revel in my Child's awesome--he's watching X-Files! He's asking about the little grey men! He's following the conspiracy. I kind of want to cry with the sheer joy of it. Strangely, he didn't care for Space: Above and Beyond and I'm still wary on Battlestar Galactica after the first season. He's whimpering about how the lack of Dr. Who is oppressing him! He is an entitled fan!

I have done my work here.
pretty one

help needed; Guild Wars


Thank you for the lj gift, lavvyan! IT IS DELICIOUS!


Help. Help.

Okay, after talking it over with my mom, who is a GuildWars addict (this never stops making me happy; I keep telling her my geek cred goes up astronomically when my mother is online gaming), I decided to get Child Guild Wars as well. All right, this shows my not-so-bright side; I forgot completely that I had to upgrade Mom's computer to do it.

Child has an Inspiron B130, onboard chip for video, Intel 915GM. From what I read, it's going to crash hard when he tries to play. I upgraded his RAM to 1 G, but I've looked everywhere and there's no way to do anything about the onboard video problem; there's no way I can do an upgrade without jsut doing the motherboard and from what I can tell, it would cost more to do that than get him a new laptop. I checked John I to see if it was possible on him and no, the Inspiron 6000s have the same bottleneck.

So my question for those who play or can give an informed opinion:

Are there setting on the game I can adjust so he can play? Or an upgrade that won't cost as much as a new computer? Seriously, give me directions and I'll learn to sauter; he really wants this game and he and my mom want to play together, which is so adorable it actually fills me with vague sugar-related shock.

I actually considered just shelling out for a desktop, but then I remembered I'm sane. I also thought about seeing how much I can upgrade Brian, my old desktop, but I bought him in 2003 and I'm pretty sure it would cost even more to bring him up to spec. Plus, his primary purpose is regulating the network and his new purpose after the new year will be as a backup when I get a new hard drive installed, as well as network resource.

Help? Please?
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so this is a new and strange livejournal thing

Intersting thing.

The other day I went in to edit an flocked entry; I was told a few minutes later it was now public. What, I said. Because I hadn't changed the lock, only edited something. Hmm, I said, adn went to check.

Apparently, at least for me, when I open a locked post to edit, it defaults back to no-lock unless I change it again.

Anyone else notice this? Has it always been that way? I never had that happen before; I now feel vaguely like I need to go back and check all my entries for the ones I thought I flocked and then edited later.

ETA: Okay, let me be the first to say, God, I can be extremely dense. amireal states the problem was in the firefox extension LJ Hook. Fixed. *facepalm*