December 16th, 2007


meta rec - otw - our fully furnished fannish city by iamsab

iamsab has posted a fabulous piece on the Organization for Transformative Works, titled OTW - Our Fully Furnished Fannish City. She covers a lot of the points that I think many people, supporters, neutrals, and non-supporters, have asked, thought, argued, or considered. I do recommend it to anyone with a passing interest. It's an excellent, excellent read.
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rec - ritual habitual, spn vid

Gakked from slodwick:

Ritual Habitual by dazzlebug. I'm also stealing the text of her rec:


Seriously, that's all I can say -- this video is SO FREAKING AWESOME. It's a Supernatural constructed reality, and it's basically flawless It's twisted and dark and violent and so well done, it gave me chills and had me gasping at the screen and I couldn't love it more IF I TRIED.

Watch it. SRSLY. *flails around*

Yeah, seconded. I haven't been that creeped out since War Drums. Beautifully done.

continuing cheerful adventures of girls who write porn and the ip that hates them

In my continuing quest to be lazy....

Part A

You were all waiting for it; anti-fanfic bingo!

The AntiFanfic Bingo Card by ithiliana.

But wait! There's more!

The Anti-AntiFanfic Bingo Card by entropy_house

Next argument, everyone meet her with their cards and pens; winner gets the deep satisfaction of worrying about the state of humanity! Whee!

Oh, but it doesn't end there...

ithiliana, being of stronger stomach than many of us, has also quoted us this from Scalzi's blog:

i, all. I’ve been following this discussion for four hundred comments or so, and I just have to say your talents at writing analogies have really kept up my fascination. Fanfic is like using the neighbour’s pool! Like painting with watercolours instead of oils! Like decorating someone else’s sandcastle!

Has it occurred to anyone here that what you are all doing is writing copyright law fanfiction? You’re having so much difficulty communicating about something so huge and blurry that you’re making up your own little stories to explain it to each other. You’re creating a shared community, expressing your opinions, and exploring meaning by telling stories that are based on the original laws–and which acknowledge the source you’re talking about–but which are, in the end, an individual response to a “canon” that someone else (IP lawyers) have written–and you’re sharing your interpretations with the people around you. (You’ll notice, of course, that I’m doing the same.)

It’s IP fandom, and y’all are having a ship war.

Comment 455 by Zulu

Okay, pony up--er, if you want to. Share with me your favoritest quotes from Scalzi's blog. Come on, let's face it; the guy who compared fanfic to rape* deserves his moment in the sun for such a deeply beautiful analogy that totally expresses the relationship between a fanfic writer and her deeply, deeply phallic pen keyboard.

* I didn't see this one, just heard about it.

** To clarify--this statement was (presumably) made in comments to the entry, not by the owner of the blog itself. Clarified in the above comments. I was horrifically unclear in that particular set of sentences.

ETA: Heads-up. Who got banned over at Scalzi's blog? Anyone know?
ETA 2: That was in the Heinlein thread, courtesy of scalzi. My thanks for both correction and clarification, sir.