December 13th, 2007

clex reverence

i have seen hell. it is arrays.

I have seen the face of hell. It is arrays combined with functions combined with infile combined with all the darkness of the soul.

Actually, it was hellish but since I did finish it, I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

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ETA: It's still funny; even when I'm close to snapping, this is still so incredibly, incredibly fun.
children of dune - leto 1

whee done

Okay, in order:

Thanks to summertea and loriel_eris, finally got the program fixed. So it works as it is supposed to. I could lose points for style, but he never takes more than two or three if it works correctly, so...*breathes*

Test was--I have no idea. Right now I have a C no matter what--I'll have a B if I average at least a forty-five on the Lab and a forty-five on the written. I really want that A though, which means I need 186 points out of the 100 written, 100 lab test and the twenty on the last lab. But seriosuly--I think the lab test was okay--after that last lab it was pretty much a snap--but God, that written.

And I hate being given code with blank variables and told to explain what it does. It's *annoying*.

Now...a week until I know. Gah.

In other news--God, there is no other news. But I miss that class already. *sighs*