December 10th, 2007

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FYI: The Vancouver Eastside Missing Women

Part A

Phones down at work. Bored.

Part B: The Vancouver Eastside Women

I have no idea how many people followed any of this case, but if this doesn't turn into a very creepy Hollywood movie, I'll be surprised.

Serial Killing Pig Farmer Found Guilty of Murder

Short version is kind of the title there. Long version is here. He was convicted of six counts of second degree murder but is accused of twenty-six and is suspected in over sixty. According to the article above, he'll be eligible for parole in ten years for the torture and murder of six women. He will be tried for the other twenty, but no date has been set yet.

These are the names of the women he killed:

Mona Wilson
Sereena Abotsway
Marnie Frey
Brenda Wolfe
Andrea Joesbury
Georgina Papin

Here is a link to the pictures and stories of twenty-six of the missing women.

Linked in the website:

How Lindsay Kines and Sun reporters broke missing women story (from 1998 to 2002)

The website also links to other sites and organizations helping to track missing and exploited women.

ETA on parole issue - em_h answers in comments on thisc concern.
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john in thought

so has this happened to anyone else?


Okay, while my embarrasment is high, well, I tried the private begging thing adn no go.

Somehow--I have no idea how--I blocked myself in my lj.

...stop laughing now.

Okay, so I uninstalled all the scripts because I couldn't figure out how to edit the names out--which brings me to a horrible idea there may be more of these and I just don't know about it--in which case, er, seriously, there's like two deliberate killfiles and neither post here *ever* and seriously, what the hell.

Help. Help. Help. Firefox scripts are out to get me. Help. Before I get unfriended or flamed or something. Help. Help. Help. I'm using--er. I should give names of scripts

I think it's in killfile script, but I also have the other obliviate one.

Help. Seriously. I blocked someone who knows where I live. This can only end in flamewars.

ETA: It was the obliviate script that was doing it. But the question stands: how does one edit those?

Second question--did I ban anyone else by accident? I would totally tell you if I did it on purpose. Seriously.
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