November 25th, 2007


how i didn't blow myself up yay!


Okay, so undermistletoe assignment proves what I already suspected; I was drunk when I signed up because dear God. What. Was. I. Thinking?

But okay.

John I went though three RAM diagnostics and one twenty-six hour hard drive diagnostic--dear God. Anyway, went back and reperformed the confidence test about six times and still came up fine, so I gave up and decided to see what John I could do now.

Last night, had a sudden spurt of energy and went to work on John I. Disassembled (not like I was going to get another chance anytime soon to take apart a laptop and study the guts thoroughly. It was deeply interesting, though I failed at finding a working diagram of my motherboard anywhere online to compare/contrast. Annoying. But still. Sent the pics of the gutting to svmadelyn, who made sad sounds but ignored me in favor of fic, which y'know, not bitter at all that she did not share my triumph. Removed one of the 1G RAM to add to John II later, left the other 1 G and added a 512K, took out the bluetooth and attacked the interior with compressed air and lint-free, alcohol free anti-static cloths. Weirdly, there really wasn't all that much to clean; the motherboard and the fan were, compared to my desktop, fairly clean. A few blows to the fan and clearing the vents pretty much took care of that.

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So my weekend was deeply productive and I didn't write a thing. Gah. John II and I are still--wary.