November 10th, 2007

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So. Updated Child's computer partially, installed firefox and customized it to him. I'm looking thoughtfully at interesting freeware.

He's seriously not going to recognize this computer when he gets it back.
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children of dune - leto 1

so this is the first stages of withdrawal



1.) Updated Child's computer to current.
2.) Reorganized his shortcuts in start menu and desktop.
3.) Removed annoying programs.
4.) Installed Python, Ruby, and Dev C++, bookmarked tutorials.
5.) Installed Turkish dictionary for Child's Turkish class.
6.) Signed up for gmail and

1.) Installed and customized Firefox to Mom's computer.
2.) Tutored her in Firefox extensions, signed her up for, pondered deep sixing her into youtube.
3.) Bookmarked relevant Guild War websites she hadn't found on a convenient folder for easy use.

*deep breath*

Now trying to find a decent children's tutorial on programming. The ones I have found so far aren't terribly child-friendly. I feel this is going to be interesting.

If I don't get my new laptop soon, I can only assume next weekend will be spent force-feeding first semester C++ to both of them whether they want it or not.

(*checks dell website. still in production. starts lesson plans.*)

Yeah. This is going to go well.
children of dune - leto 1

welfare - a rant


Every once in a while (and by that, I mean, on a fairly regular basis), I stumble across Yet Another Rant About Welfare by people who know so painfully little about it that I feel a vague ache in my chest that I've come to realize is actually the seeds of homicidal rage. The political blogs that do it I pretty much blow off--I know they're making shit up for political gain. They know they're making shit up for political gain. So whatever.

The other ones? I can still blow it off, but I am in a transitional computer place in my life.

It's just--it's so hard for people who haven't worked the cases or been the recipients to get how hideously complex it can be because it looks easy from the outside. It does, because federal law requires timelines on how long you have to approve/deny a case, so when everything is running smoothly, it does look like it's walk-in, walk-out, anyone can do it. I didn't work every kind of case imaginable when I was a caseworker, but I saw, caseread, or heard about pretty much all of them. It's hard, from both sides. Period.

And then there's the rants about those that don't deserve it etc.

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