November 9th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

whilst between the rock and the wall

Part A: The Great Escape:

Okay, so perhaps my two weeks of random online reports of misery are going to be broken up by---

A deer attack.

Well, more a deer's bloody confrontation with a window. It was deeply weird, mostly because it hit the window a few feet away from me, behind the cubicle walls that block part of the window. It hit *right next* to a friend of mine that was against that wall. All we could hear were large thumps--being public servants, we assumed that:

a.) One of us finally went and joined the ranks of the proverbial postal workers of legend.

b.) A customer or client had found us and wanted a loud chat.

c.) End of the world.

So we ran, ran, ran like the wind from our tiny used-to-be-a-file-room cubicle farm of smallness to the greater cubicle *estates*.

Actually, it was Secret Option d, a deer attack. You really--can't anticipate that one.

911 and animal control were called and around the fourth (fifth?) time deer and glass collided (and glass broke), they showed up. Deer collapsed, looking near death--and then the police took out a gun to shoot him., really. In the inner C of our building, someone had the bright idea of shooting a deer. Because hey, that sounds like a good idea. And by that, I mean, wtf. But whatever.

However, this led to a Miracle--a wondrous feat of healing. Deer sees man with gun, deer regains not only mobility and speed but an amazing sense of direction. Exit deer. Scaring gun-man. We all pondered the wonders of nature.

Part B:

New laptop ordered. Should arrive around 22nd. Will try not to have nervous breakdown before then. That's--y'know. Two weeks. Totally survivable. Child isn't getting his laptop back anytime soon.

Part C:

I miss my WIPS. I just--don't know if I can work on anything using Child's computer. It is deeply disconcerting.