November 6th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

advice colums please me

1.) Have embraced Firefox. Joy is mine.

2.) And more interestingly.

While reading Dan Savage's column archive, I suddenly had severe cases of semi-deja-vu. In which I stared blankly thinking, wait, didn't I read that in SV? Didn't I read that in SGA? Wait. I have that fic open right now! Wait. I wrote a fic like that!

I'd also like to respectfully ask someone, somewhere, write about a lube syringe please.

New words that will move into my active vocabulary as of today:


What I have learned regarding bondage:

Do not leave them alone and gagged for fear of manslaughter charges.

(I was thinking, what if you left a cellphone in range in case of an asphyxiation emergency? Would that make it safer? One button calling? Poke with toe in case of emergency?)

That is all.
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