October 29th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

i am so very tired, but in a good way

Ten Minutes of My Life I Will Never Get Back

1.) The thing that Child was watching on Sci-fi that was really gross and involved--hand to God--the stupidest abominable snowman ever, considering a.) there was no snow, and b.) your terror was muted by disgust on how bad his breath was. I actually think he was supposed to be Evil Bigfoot, but Child named him Abominable (in what I think is was dramatic irony), and it stuck. Child herniated self on floor during a death scene. It was deeply moving. On the floor. Rolling. While laughing.

2.) My mother looked at me with red rimmed eyes on Sunday.

Mom: People keep inviting me to guilds! What does that mean? Why can't I stop playing? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? Also, how do you do x and y?"

Me: ....why do your hands look like claws?

Oh yeah. She's hooked.

3.) Sister is shopping for GirlFetus' baby clothes. It's not terribly interesting to anyone but me. I just can't get over how tiny everything is.

4.) Father quit smoking. He is not threatening to mix cyanide in his water anymore.

5.) Write twenty three thousand words of cracked out FBI Undercover Rentboy porn. I mean--you know. There's this moment where you give up on realism--and my standards were fairly low, so we're talking X-Files level realism here that I walked away from--and you just don't care.

God knows when I'm going to finish; I just got to the part where there's redecorating.

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