October 25th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

so it is thursday


I actually had an interesting entry and forgot what it was supposed to be about.

So instead, I will say--omg Cher. I forgot how much I loved her. I have this violent desire to list everything on my very first mixtape when I was twelve, because she and Paula Abdul and Michael Bolton are all over that sucker.

And Belinda Carlisle. If I could find somemthing that plays tapes.

...honestly, I'm not even sure I have a working CD player off my computer. This is weird.

In News of Yesterday I Was at Work and Then Fell Tragically Asleep At Seven at Night and Slept Twelvish Hours--did something happen that has inspired posts about Civil Discourse? Not that I am against it or anything, but I was linked to *two* now and have this odd feeling that I missed something Interesting.

Randomly: going around the office singing Dumbledore is Gay has taught me two things.

1.) My office has people who read a lot more than I suspected.
2.) There are in fact people who will, in actual real life conversation, admit they are wary of letting their children read the books knowing this fact now exists.

(I really didn't see that coming. That was honestly the oddest conversation I've ever had in a work setting in regards to a book. Granted, this is me, so it took me ten minutes or so to work out the problem, but wow. Weird.)

And--yes, listening to Cher now. I feel very zen. That can be also interpreted as tired and kind of wishing I had hot chocolate.
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