October 22nd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


So I put in "power ballads" in ITunes store search. I--don't know why.

...oh my God I own half these songs. And some by men who always had creepily well-conditioned hair. IT IS LIKE THE EIGHTIES AND NINETIES HAVE THROWN UP UPON ME!

(This is honestly the strangest--the strangest combination of songs. Wow.)

...Skid Row!!!!!


ETA 2: When the Children Cry by White Lion. *chews lip* Could be just me. But did it--back then--the video, did it just seem. Very. Creepy?

ETA 3: Illustration

When the Children Cry by White Lion. It's--really this slowly growing horror of the way it--I mean, it's--it wasn't ironic. It was earnest. And the framing...

2:14 to 2:17 -- the entire earnestly speaking of God I saw this video when it premiered (I think) while well below the ages of drinking and just....

I mean--these are guys who likely were snorting coke off hooker's bellies in between takes, you know? Irony. They should have gone for irony.
children of dune - leto 1

black jewels trilogy - epilogue

Hey. Thought. As The Black Jewels aren't on the level of Harry Potter universal squee--anyone interested in a squee day after the new book is released in March?

...I do find it kind of comforting that at least in this, I will not have to be terrified of my flist for a week beforehand in terror of spoilers. *mulls*

Anyway, comment if interested?