October 19th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

random boring child anecdote of sci-fi-ness and etc


Child: Mom, who's that big guy on Stargate?
Me: Ronon?
Child: No. On the other one. The big black guy?
Me: Teal'c?
Child: Yes! HE IS SO COOL. Can you get me all of Stargate?
Me: *looks at amazon, pales: ten seasons* Uh.

Child went on to wax lyrical on Teal'c and John Sheppard. I--never thought they were all that comparable. Until you ask Child. Child's ideal team is now Dr. Who, John Sheppard, and Teal'c. He hasnt' chosen a fourth.

...you know? That team has possibilities. I wonder how Child will like Cameron Mitchell.


(Sometimes, my favorite part of any discussion with Child is his complete openness to crossovers. As far as he's concerned, Boa Versus Python and Jimmy Neutron can not only happen in the same universe, they really *should*.)

Less Randomly

Child and I have doctor's appointments in the morning. There really doesn't seem to be that much worry about a relapse so much as precautionary.

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