October 10th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

food. and stuff.

One of the early problems I ran into during my early ipod phase was that I wanted it with me all the time. Little John and I (Yes. That is his name.) would sit out together during break, and when break was up, we'd be in teh middle of a song. And we'd go back inside.

Usually, I'd remember not to sing.

However. Rhythm always sets my walking pace, and today I was testing out A Perfect Circle's Bodies Like Sheep which is a lot more relevant when one is working for state government than I think anyone wants to acknowledge. It's also, I realized, slower than I thought it was considering--walking on the upbeat is impossibly slow, but on the four looks like I'm trying to quickly move from the scene of a crime, so I'd spent part of my break trying to find a happy medium (extended stride, etc). I was on a good part, but my break was over, so I wandered inside, at which time someone (and from what I could tell, someone far higher up the food chain though in this building, we are all kind of not the leading lights of the agency) stopped short when I came in the door to watch me mumbling about the rhythm of the war drums.

There was a second of conflict--wanting to look disapproving except it's a state office and if this is how we get through the day without emulating the postal service, go for it--wanting to ask and trying to remember work rules--we have some odd ones--and kind of wanting to laugh because I'd still been working on setting my step to rhythm and then tripped over my feet when I saw him watching me. He grinned, asked what I was listening to, and I mumbled out something while I got my headphones off and skulked to my office to wonder if he'd ever be my boss.

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I got a Wendy's Buttermilk Frescuit. If you hear word of my death, plz feel free to sue on the grounds of personal trauma you have suffered at my loss. Though so far, tasty. Very, very tasty.
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children of dune - leto 1

five things i don't admit i've seen

Niece's books arrived. SGA S3 arrived (stolen by Child almost before box was opened). Had long, surreal discussion with coworker about precognition, dream interpretation, and waking sleep.

This is always a problem for me personally, because I tend to live anecdotally--this is why you will rarely hear me talk about aliens, ghosts, predicting the future, or weird coincidence outside fic. It's hideously uncomfortable because it's unquantifiable. I don't mind my religion being unquantifiable or unprovable--that's kind of the point--but when dragging out how one's baby sister apparently had a discussion with Grandpa a couple of hours after he died is one of those things that I feel requires some amount of alcohol, a very late night, and someone having lost deeply at poker.

I miss big holidays with my family when it was extended. Those were good times. And if you were very small and hid outside the dining room, you would learn far more about Uncle Bob after his demise than you ever wanted to know.

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It's still so--I keep reading back and thinking about how I feel as if I should be reporting to Area 51 clubs.

So. Wanna share?