September 28th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

friday is very friday-like

This is a day that will live on in eternal darkness. Someone, who shall remain nameless only because I have no idea who the hell they are, rang the doorbell last night after midnight, and hence, did not get to sleep until three.

And I have no idea how I did on my test yet. Currently playing background music to my eternal pain. Yes, it's Inama Nushif. So do not judge. My test yesterday *sucked*. And my program wouldn't compile.

Acutally, that was funny. Two things.

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In closing: working on Story of a Girl outtake. I'm debating whether to post it or not. I mean--nevermind. I'm debating whether its current form is "whee, story!" or "huh, so jenn has fallen into the dark pit of Issue Fic; this would be an excellent time to start compiling the five thousand entries in which she's ranted about Issue Fic and mock her now". I honestly cannot tell. I can't even tell if that's what I'm doing or if I'm just overreacting. I need a brownie.