September 26th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

mmm music

So. I have embraced my geek side while singing in Fremen and connecting with words that I have no idea of the meaning of. It occurred to me to wonder if the song is about the joys of killing House Harkonnen or something (which I so do not oppose).

(Looked up lyrics and translation. Not killing Harkonnens. I am made sad. Still, though, it's so pretty, really. It should be.)

Yes, I have been on youtube again. It's like an addiction. I'm also faintly tempted to hunt up my books and do a blitz through the original six.

(It hurts me to say original six. I could deal with the prequels--but oh my God, sequels. And I--I have to read them. I mean, they're Dune. But I will cry. A lot.)

For reference: Inama Nashif. It was during the montage in Children of Dune. Pretty.
children of dune - leto 1

hmm. so this is what studying is like.

So I was studying my CS for my HUGE DAMN TEST and suddenly just knew I needed to memorize all of Inama Nushif.

So you know, I got out the lyrics. Now here's the thing.

I totally get why there are entire conventions devoted to the Klingon language.

This translation makes no sense!

(Gotten from Brian Herbert's website.

Al hudad alman dali (one that cannot be equaled)


Al hudad alman dali alia (that Alia will one day equal)

Plus Al-hudad shows up in a different context and seriously--what????? Is this tonal? It doesn't sound tonal. Can you switch present negative to future not-negative?


Seriously. You all friended me of your own free will. It's not like reading this can possibly surprise anyone.

Um. Anyone have their Dune books handy?