September 18th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

the coffee mystery continues

Coffee at work. Still tasty.

So I investigated.

Coffee is now 75 cents a cup for non-coffee-club members and 10/month for coffee club members. Oh, I said, at the 300% raise in cup price and 200% in monthly.

I cannot find the 'coffee' of note that tastes so much like actual coffee, which could mean it's just black magic (I am very supportive of black magic when it brings coffee that tastes like coffee).

(It's hard to explain the bizarrity of drinkable coffee. People. This is the stuff I was relatively sure was filtered through used panty hose.)

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic by flambeau, SPN, Dean/Sam. Um. Guh.

And...I'm bored. Tell me things. Or you know, direct me to things. I am lazy and reading yahoo news, for God's sake. Yahoo news. This can only end in disaster or some kind of emerging social conscience and really, I like shallow.
children of dune - leto 1

slightly more than a little bitter

Transparent/translucent post-it notes. You would think they would, I don't know, be around, right? Right. No. Not so much.

Except? In Canada. Where, no clue, but the 3M Canadian catalogue does in fact list them. Canada!

My life is hard.

I wonder if I could make them myself. Hmmm.