September 14th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

instarec - the pegasus device by liketheriverrun

The Pegasus Device by liketheriverrun - I--in so many ways I love this. It's noir--well, noir-light, romantic and adventurous and freaking sci-fi with World War II and did I mention the romance? Because nothing makes good noir-light like romance. Detective John Sheppard in Seattle and his brilliant criminologist best friend, Dr. Rodney McKay, and they fight crime! Really!

Complete with mysterious nightclub singer Teyla Emmagen, Nebraska detective Ronon Dex, semi-mob boss Kolya Acosta, a murder, a mystery and intrigue and just--so much damn fun I feel in a better mood reading it.

And people? My mood was good before. It's stratospheric now.

Go. Shoo. Feel the happy.

(I still need to leave feedback. I'm just not sure ewhat to say other than whee!)

(God, I havent' done my hoemwork yet. I feel so *bad*. But in a good way.)

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Go forth! Have fun! Live the madcap adventure.

Also, now I really want someone to do a romance-cover blurb of this one, like the type you'd find in teh back of a romance novel. Hmm. I'm thinking.