September 11th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


Okay, my day? Got so much better. And three of thoes things involved geekery.

1.) The phone thing is solved. Well, mostly. I don't *understand* why creditors think I owe them money, but that is what call block is for. And youknow, ordering a copy of my credit report. Whee!

2.) Okay. Now. Binary. I understand what the hell it is. This is what I was trying to explain--memorization and understanding. I was tested on thsi stuff once upon at time and got through it without any idea of what the hell. Then it was like--oh! Eight! Sixteen! Thirty-two! Bits! THE LAST ONE IS A POSITIVE/NEGATIVE! I ONLY NEED TO MEMORIZE UP TO 2 TO THE FOURTEENTH POWER! I had this huge geek out while translating random numbers into binary at the bus stop. It was very fun. My professor kept trying not to laugh at me while im like, look! 32000! I HAVE IT HERE! LOOK AT THE PRETTY PATTERNS!

Then I was like WAIT HOW DO YOU GET THE ONE HUNDRED DIGITS OF PI and he sighed and looked at me and remembered abruptly I was the one asking about reverse engineering from exe to source and realized, yes. This would be his life while I was in his class.

3.) Got a cell phone. It has bluetooth! I just synched my laptop with it! AND I AM IN THE ZONE!

Thank you. You may all now return to your regularly scheduleld program. Um, those who had any of my old cell numbers? Post here or email me so I can give the new one.



(random--so is there a command that's not int or double that covers 64 and 128?)


(still pissy at my boss, but Ill probably play with my phone a lot to compensate.)

PS: I forgot to squee about values. I had this revelatory moment of comprehension about ASCII and char, double, int, float, and I was like--ohhhh. Oh my GOD. This is what this is?? I THOUGHT THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE?

Er. Yeah. Carry on. But God. Good class day.