September 3rd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

notes notes notes, the new black

So. On page 29 of textbook, ten page left until the end of Chapter 1: The Foundations of Chemistry. After, ,there are exercises and key terms, both of which I will do. There are twenty pages of college-ruled notes in my Spiral of Chemical Insanity.

In Chemistry, after that, still have Chapter 2 and etc to finsih, though I need to re-read my syllabus. I think the way this is set up is for a chapter a week, not two a week, so it could be I can do just a read-through and wait to do text notes after--honestly, it feels like a better idea once I've heard the lecture so I know what to note down and what I don't, but--honestly, it will depend on my timing.

(note for sga fen; I have never been more inspired to write Strangerverse backstory where Rodney has to teach John how to take notes and get through class on something other than cramming, because Rodney has already decided that he is marrying John and by God, his husband to be is damn well going to *also* be superoverachieving and scary so Rodney can *really* show off during huge conferences; Rodney strikes me as the type to get off on watching his *boyfreind* also decimate his opponents. I feel suddenly sorry for every person that Rodney and John ever met)


Fundamentals is doing better; I finished Chapter one notes and have only the exercises left to do.

So this is how people do that thing where they don't need to cram. Huh.

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