August 24th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

belated rec - Qui Habitat by miss-porcupine

Qui Habitat by miss_porcupine - a Stargate'verse what-if; Ori win control of the Milky Way, and Atlantis houses the refugees.

It's--wow. I started reading at work and kind of didn't *stop*. The casual mix of humor and daily Atlantean life with wartime, the various character pov's, the expansion of the universe, the interesting hints of a possible future--miss_porcupine uses words deliberately and the word 'dominion' in reference to Atlantis and its planet(s) was interesting when paired with use of imperialism. Like ltlj, she really *buils* her worlds right down to the floors and the OCs, each one recognizable and more complicated than expected and interesting. The situations are complex and so are the decisions made. Practical and survival is balanced against right, and it's intersting to watch how the chips fall.

Flawlessly plotted and book one of hopefully many, but pretty complete in itself with anticipation of more to come. This is *good*. It's what I hope for in this fandom to read.

Also, I'm months late. I swear, I was pre-pneumonia or something when this came out; there's no way I would have missed it otherwise.